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Ecuador is located right on the equator in South America on the western most tip of the continent. Bordered in the north by Columbia and Peru to the south it’s located in a perfect location for a fantastic variety of climates. It’s a relatively small country compared to it’s neighbors, but it’s packed with mountains, beaches, rivers and a rich cultural heritage.

The capital city of Quito was the first world UNESCO heritage site. This Spanish Colonial city has an infinite number of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. With amazing sites to see and great local and international restaurants, it’s worth a day or two in Quito.

Getting to the beach

Quito is a short 35 minute flight to the coastal city of Manta or a scenic 5.5 hour drive. You can also arrive in the city of Guayaquil right on the coast, and you can be surfing that day.


Ecuador is home to a very large number of volcanoes. Many of them are around thee 19,000 ft mark and within a 2 hr drive of Quito. In addition to getting some great surf in Ecuador you can also add a few summit attempts to your list of things to do.

There are a number of tour operators that offer safe affordable guided trips up these volcanoes. All gear rental and guide services can be included in these packages. H2o has a number of trusted operators that we’ve tried personally on our speed dial list.


Ecuador is also the door way to the Galapagos Islands. These islands were made famous by Charles Darwin and are truly a sight to see. You can fly into one of the many airports on the islands (there is a 100 USD park fee) and do a back pack style trip taking fast boats to the different islands. One of the most spectacular ways to see the islands is by live aboard boat.

As with anything, you can do the Galapagos on a shoestring or you an do it in style. We have also tested the some of these operators personally and can recommend which ones to try and which ones do not suit your travel style.

Don’t forget your surfboard on this trip either as the Galapagos is home to some world class surf. Diving, site seeing, surfing or bird watching the Galapagos should be on your hit list when you are in Ecuador

River Trip

With the topography that is found in Ecuador it’s no surprise that there are world class rivers here. If you are a whitewater enthusiast you can find endless rivers to challenge your kayaking or rafting ability. If it’s you first time, no worries, there are so many great rivers for a spectacular introduction to running rivers.

Ecuador’s diversity is a guarantee that you’ll have an exceptional not only surf trip but cultural experience.