Tinosa Strikes again

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The swell was 1.8 ft at 18 secs this past weekend and we had a pleasant surprise. Tinosa was 3to 4 feet with 5-6 foot sneak sets. An excellent surprise to a long weekend cruising the coast looking for swell.

Enjoy the photos and the quick Gopro video, look forward to the next surf trip.


SW September Swell

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This past week the Ecuadorian coast received the biggest SW swell of the season.  Igniting many dormant surf spots during the off speak surf season.    While this is still the windy season in Ecuador (May – December) there are still many points that are well sheltered from the prevailing wind direction.

This past week we visited San Lorenzo, Liguiqui , San Mateo (the right) and Tinosa.  We were also blessed that this SW swell awakened a new spot we had never surfed we are affectionately calling Salsado as on the weekends there are ice cream vendors hocking their wares in bikinis and stilts.  As it has been the kite season we’ve been deprived of some sizable wind free surf which we only took out the cameras at the tail end of the swell at Tinosa.

Enjoy these pics from some of our good friends out having a great session.

Surf trip Playas Ecuador

July Wave Hunting

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It’s the wind season here in Ecuador but there is rumor of an El Nino coming this year which has kept the water warm and the winds light. Without our normal 18-20 knots we decided it was time for a road trip to hunt some of the SW swell that’s out there. It’s surf trip time.


We loaded up the FJ and rooked two of our good friends in for a misadventure in search of some hopefully wind sheltered waves in Playas. Normally during the surf season we’d avoid Playas as you can normally bet on a lot of surfers in the water. On another note it does make for a great stop to get wet if you fly into Guayaquil as it’s only just over an hour away from the airport.


We found a great little oasis call Playagringo right in the town of Playas. Our hosts were Roger and Carmen whom had some great rooms at reasonable prices walking distance to the main beach in Playas (not the surfing beaches) .
The predicted swell wasn’t what we had hoped for in size but there certainly were some great sets and long rights to be had. Playas is full of right points and you simply have to choose which style of wave suites you’re fancy. There are also nice sandy spots to also learn how to surf while the point offers something for novice to advanced surfers. After three days of surfing we had our full and it was time to head back to Quito.


The only regret as usual is that we too more photos and video. Either way here are some of the photos below from the trip.


Stay tuned for our September trip report as we plan to go from Ecuador to Peru in search of more uncrowded long rides.

Going off in Ecuador

Ecuador surfing gets attention

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Ecuador ESPN refers to Ecuador as what Costa Rica was 20 years ago. Check out this great article and video on surfing in Ecuador.

San Mateo Rainbow

Mateo is firing

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Yet another great swell at San Mateo.   Great morning with less than a hand full of people

San Mateo Rainbow

San Mateo Rainbow

1982 ecuador surf trip

San Mateo circa 1982

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We always dream of the days gone by but we have just found the ultimate “the way it use to be” video from a surf trip in Ecuador in 1982. This video is priceless and I’m thankful that we have great people that are saving these gems from deteriorating VHS tapes and digitizing them.

Thanks tony for posting this to Facebook because without people like you these great pieces of surf history would be gone for ever.

To view this great surf trip video from San Mateo (circa 1982) click this Facebook link of the video.


San Lorenzo Surf Report

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The week leading up to the New Year we scored some great San Lorenzo sessions, 5 to be exact. It always seems that we always surf more than we take photos. We did manage to bag a few good photos of San Lorenzo and some video also.

The beach at San Lorenzo is massive. It stretches about 3 km and the light house on the northern most point of the beach is the western most point in Ecuador. This makes it directly face the dominate SW swell in Ecuador. This gives San Lorenzo good waves to surf even when it’s dead most other places.

Here are a few shots we took of our last session. It’s too bad we only took the cameras out for the last 20 minutes of a 2 hr session, but can you blame us?

Once again Happy New Year to you and your family and we wish you all the best in 2012.

PS: Sorry about the video quality on the commentary section, my camera finally succumbed to the salt environment it’s been living in.

Merry Christmas

To surf a mile in a day

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Surfing Christmas eve and all this week all the surfers in the north of Ecuador received and early Christmas present.  A WNW swell graced the coast which in turn brought to life my favorite left point in Ecuador, San Mateo.

If you are a goofy footed surfer this wave is heaven, or if you just like hacking backside then San Mateo’s left point break never disappoints.  With 300 yard rides being the standard, make sure you eat your Wheaties before you come to surf this Ecuadorian Gem. 

Happy holidays to all and we wish you all the best in the new year.

Surfing Ecuador’s best kept secret San Mateo


I wish I learned to surf this easily

That first wave

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There are some things in surfing that we all wish we could repeat. Probably the single biggest thing is that feeling of that first wave.

Every surf lesson we give we are fortunate to get the opportunity to not only share but to relive those experiences with each and every client. This holiday season my wife and I had the opportunity to give back to one of the great kids in the local village that we surf near.

Brian is a 9 year old who diligently goes to school every day and then heads down to the local kite school to launch and land kites. He can tell you everything about a kite, kite safety and you should see him ride his 3 meter!

Maggie and I were on our way from a kiting session to go for our afternoon surf session at San Mateo and we’d asked him if he’s ever surfed. Brian said he’s never tried it before, so naturally we grabbed a 6”6” NSP and brought him along with us to a sweet sandy point break called La Tinosa. With his balance from kiting and natural comfort level in the water for the two years helping with the kite school, he took to paddling out and catching waves like a pro. No matter what the size of the wave that came he was keen for me to toss him into it.

These pictures and smiles speak a thousand words and I’ll let them to the rest of the talking. Here’s to those first waves and sharing that feeling we love so much we all find in surfing.

Santa Cruz Surfboards

20% off Santa Cruz Surfboards

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