The point break at La Tinosa

La Tinosa has changed

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The long weekend in Ecuador has just finished and we’ve had 4 great days on the beaches of this amazing country. We were pleasantly surprised when we when stopped into one of our high tide longboard spots, La Tinosa. About 2 months ago there was a very large swell in the range of 2 to 3 meters. Combined with a high tide this caused some major redecorating of the sand on the main beach. Thankfully it only moved the majority of it to the far south end of the bay.


This has filled in the rocky south end of the bay and where the old wave that broke there was closed out in wacky sections. Now, at high tide, it breaks for 100 to 150 meters. We surfed it for 3 days and it seems to work really well from 1.5 hrs before and after high tide. Another great thing about this break is that it can be windy enough to kite and this spot is 100% sheltered from the wind by the rocky point. Making this a great option when the wind has come up and you are looking for a place to score some waves to surf.


These and many other empty waves await you in Ecuador. Drop us a line for your next surf vacation.

Las Tunas Youtube

Las Tunas

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This weekend was one of the first on the coast this wind season where it was glassy in the morning and nuking winds in the afternoon.  This made for some great early morning surf sessions and killer afternoon kite sessions. This change in the morning winds usually marks the beginning of the wave season.

The next three months are great for both kiting and surfing. Come down and check them out.


Great weekend of Wind and Waves

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Fantastic weekend of kiting and waves on the Coast of Ecuador, the wind was 18-20 knots for the entire weekend. We took these shots of Santa Marianita on our way back to Quito. This gives to the vantage point for what is a great kite beach. Left and right point break to the south and endless space to ride as far as the eyes can see.

Santa Marianita looking south

Santa Marianita looking south

Santa Marianita looking north

Santa Marianita looking north

Kiters riding Santa Marianita

Looking at some riders in Santa Marianita


H2o Addicts is Live

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H2o Addicts LogoOur new website is now live! We’ve decided to soft launch our site and continue to finalize pricing and packages as we go. If you are interested in a custom kite or surf package or both to Ecuador, please feel free to email us at:


The wind is up

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My wife Maggie and I are heading to the coast this weekend. The wind is up and there is a good sw swell. Hope to score both some fantastic wind and some great waves this weekend. Stay tuned for updates and maybe a video.

Santa Marianita Ecuador

The view from our balcony on the beach in Santa Marianita



1st Big North West Swell

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Last week was the first big North West swell of the season. It wasn’t supposed to be a huge swell, but it turned out to be massive. We didn’t film this weekend as we were just excited to surf!

FJ on the beach at San Jose

Getting ready to get our surf on

Here’s a video from January last season.