Surf Trips

Surf safari in Ecuador is one of the greatest ways to see a country that has an abundance of diversity packed into small package. While traveling to different breaks we routinely travel through desert, jungle, beach and back to desert in a matter of minutes.

The landscape is just as diverse as its selection of breaks to choose from. We go where the waves are and we customize every surf trip just for you. One day you can be surfing 400 yards left points in Mompeichie or we can be finding some mega beach break in San Jose or searching for waves that haven’t been ridden yet on boat trips out of Puerto Lopez.

If you’ve just found surfing and are looking for some excellent waves that can both challenge and build your confidence without getting constantly pounded by beach break, Ecuador has it all.

Each H2o trip is your choice. We have our favorites but it’s up to you and your group to tell us what type of surfers are in your group and what type of waves that you want to surf. The endless miles of coastline in Ecuador can ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Where do we stay? All of our accommodation partners have been checked out by us personally. Each one is chosen because it is in an ideal locations to get prime surf.

If you are looking for you next surf adventure, contact us and we’ll put together a quote for you and your group.

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