Learn to Surf

Ecuador is a fantastic place to learn to surf all year long.   No matter if you have never ever surfed before or you have tried it a few times there are amazing spots in Ecuador to learn to surf and you can try them all.

The spots

The waves in Ecuador are just as varied as the terrain that you’ll be traveling though.  There are spots where it’s small and relaxed and around the point it’s barreling hard.  So you can be traveling with surfers of different levels and there will always be waves for everyone.

What to bring for learning to surf

The water temperature when the Humboldt Current is in the area is shorty wetsuit weather or a long sleeve 2 mm top.   90% of the wave season is spent in just board shorts, however if a strong enough north swell comes it can sometimes bring some chilly water.  Here is your packing list:

  • Board shorts
  • Long sleeve rash guard
  • Short sleeve rash guard
  • 2mm long sleeve top
  • Shorty 2mm wetsuit (only if you get cold easily)

How much time do I need?

This is a question that is heard a lot.  How much time do you need to learn to surf?  The answer is a lifetime!   We hope that after your first surfing trip you’ll be hooked for life.

In reality I’ve found the break down as follows.

  • 1 week – Ahh it’s fun and I may do it again
  • 2 weeks – “I’m really starting to get this!”
  • 3 weeks – “I’m a surfer for life! Where do I sign up for my subscription to Surfline and Surfer Magazine”

The one thing that we can guarantee is that you’ll have fun and meet some new friends along the way no matter how long you stay with us.

Dropping in on a big one in San Mateo