Surfing in Ecuador

Avoid the Crowds

Surfing in Ecuador isn’t like surfing in many other countries, or at least it hasn’t probably felt like this for a long time at your local spot. Here everyone still shares their secret breaks as there just isn’t the population of surfers to bring the crowds.

Surfing in the South

There are only a few spots in this country where on a very busy day you’ll be with 10 – 15 other surfers. These spots are usually around the surf town Montinita and the large city of Guayaquil. If you fly into Guayaquil we may surf this spot for a day before moving north. It’s a great town for night life and a great beach for beginner surfers with its long sandy bottom. The point on the north end of the beach (on rock) has a fast right that gets powerful as the swell gets bigger.

As you move north and away from the largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil, there are only a hand full of small fishing villages that make for good stops for refueling hungry surfers until you reach the city of Manta. In between these two cities lie countless points, beach and reef breaks for which you can explore.

Just outside of Manta on a long beach called Santa Marianita is one of our main accommodation locations right on the beach. From here there are countless excellent waves to explore including San Mateo and San Jose.

Surfing in the North

As you continue to move north a stop in the beach town of Canoa is recommended. It’s a growing town with a beautiful beach that has a good outside break for advanced surfers as well as an inside break for beginners. It’s always a highlight of the trip.

Mompeiche is about 2 hrs north of Canoa. This is home to a left point break that in the right swell conditions can be over 300 yards long. This is a little town with dirt roads very little infrastructure, but is an absolute gem to visit and a must see. This is where we usually begin our surf trips if you have arrived in Quito.

If you are feeling adventurous then we can certainly go off the beaten path an explore some very unknown breaks via boat or with our Toyota FJ. Ultimately, it’s your surf vacation and we’ll ensure that every day exceeds your expectations.

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