Getting here

From North America

Getting to Ecuador from North America you generally will go through two main hubs, Miami via American Airlines,Houston via Continental or Atlanta via Delta.

Your final destination in Ecaudor is the city of Quito, UIO (Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre). Most flights get in late at night and an overnight in Quito is needed before we begin our trip the next day.

An alternate city you can fly into is Guayaquil. Depending on your routing and the deals that you can get you can find. You can choose either Quito or Guayaquil for your arrival for your surf trip.

From Europe

Most flights again will connect through the USA via the above mentioned hubs.

Best fares for flights

We’ve had great luck with finding fares for flights on

Baggage Restrictions during peak travel time for Quito

As Quito is at almost 10,000 ft in elevation during peak travel times the airlines that fly into Quito do impose certain restrictions on oversized luggage. The way around that is to connect to American Airlines, Continental, or Delta via another carrier. They must go by their baggage rules at that time.

Ensure you check the airline baggage restrictions before booking your flights.

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