Kiting in Ecuador

Riding in Ecuador

Kiting boarding in Ecuador can be as diverse as the country itself.  The kite season is from May – December with the most consistent winds to be found in Santa Marianita which is just a 20 minute drive from the city of Manta.

Santa Marianita

The beach at Santa Marianita is a spectacular location for learning to kite board and enjoying some wide open kiting. When we say wide open we mean wide open. The beach is almost 7 km long and with the wind being 60-70 degrees cross shore on shore you literally can ride straight out off the beach.

The fishing village of Santa Marianita is very small and offers a few amenities for some snacks and local food options.


Manta is one of the major cities in Ecuador. It’s only a short jump from Quito by plane, only 35 minute flight, which means you are close. Manta is also a great place for some night life as well as some great restaurants.

The Kiting Spots

Open Spaces

The main beach at Santa Marianita with its perfect daily cross shore onshore wind conditions and being almost 7 km’s long, makes it a perfect location for both learning and enjoying wide open spaces. With this much space you’ll never have a crowded day on the beach.

The beach in Manta is also a great place to ride. Depending on the season the wind may be stronger there. This beach does also offer a very different riding experience. The water is sometimes flatter here depending on wave direction.

Flat water

If flat water is your thing then there are a few different options available. The point in Santa Marianita offers some flat water in-between the wave sets. The water is shallower in this section but you would have to contend with the whitewash from the waves that do come through.

Crucita which is the next town north of Manta does offer one of the only lagoons big enough to ride in Ecuador. This location does work better when it’s nuking. It’s recommended only for advanced riders as its deep and the wind direction is off shore cross shore from the launch site.

When the wind is up in Manta the beach does offer a great alternative to the beach at Santa Marianita, its wind is slightly more on shore, but there is a lot less chop which makes it a fantastic alternative for a day of riding.


If you like riding waves then from October – April is the official surf season here in Ecuador. This over laps nicely with the wind season from May – December, bottom line, if you are a wave freak and need your fix then October – December are great months to be in Ecuador. This isn’t to say that there aren’t wave to be had during the rest of the kite season but it just takes some local knowledge to get there.

If you are looking for mega breach break we’ve got it or some nice long points we can find that too. So no matter if you are just learning to kite waves or dropping into barrels, Ecuador has the spots for you.

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