SW September Swell

Date: September 3, 2012 at 2:36 pm- by sharkyh2o- Posted in Blog, Ecuador, Featured, Surf trips- Comment(s): 0

This past week the Ecuadorian coast received the biggest SW swell of the season.  Igniting many dormant surf spots during the off speak surf season.    While this is still the windy season in Ecuador (May – December) there are still many points that are well sheltered from the prevailing wind direction.

This past week we visited San Lorenzo, Liguiqui , San Mateo (the right) and Tinosa.  We were also blessed that this SW swell awakened a new spot we had never surfed we are affectionately calling Salsado as on the weekends there are ice cream vendors hocking their wares in bikinis and stilts.  As it has been the kite season we’ve been deprived of some sizable wind free surf which we only took out the cameras at the tail end of the swell at Tinosa.

Enjoy these pics from some of our good friends out having a great session.

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