I wish I learned to surf this easily

That first wave

Date: December 23, 2011 at 12:59 am- by sharkyh2o- Posted in Blog, Ecuador, Featured, Surf trips- Comment(s): 0

There are some things in surfing that we all wish we could repeat. Probably the single biggest thing is that feeling of that first wave.

Every surf lesson we give we are fortunate to get the opportunity to not only share but to relive those experiences with each and every client. This holiday season my wife and I had the opportunity to give back to one of the great kids in the local village that we surf near.

Brian is a 9 year old who diligently goes to school every day and then heads down to the local kite school to launch and land kites. He can tell you everything about a kite, kite safety and you should see him ride his 3 meter!

Maggie and I were on our way from a kiting session to go for our afternoon surf session at San Mateo and we’d asked him if he’s ever surfed. Brian said he’s never tried it before, so naturally we grabbed a 6”6” NSP and brought him along with us to a sweet sandy point break called La Tinosa. With his balance from kiting and natural comfort level in the water for the two years helping with the kite school, he took to paddling out and catching waves like a pro. No matter what the size of the wave that came he was keen for me to toss him into it.

These pictures and smiles speak a thousand words and I’ll let them to the rest of the talking. Here’s to those first waves and sharing that feeling we love so much we all find in surfing.

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